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Rossi Rockfest - A weekend with Lukas Rossi
- September 5-7 2014
- Have you signed up?       Only a few more weeks of ticket sales!  
Visit The Rossi Shop and Sign up today!

 Lukas Rossi's newest project, The Halo Method, released a free EP download on SoundCloud in 2013 followed by the debut of a twisted lyric video for 'Toxic' released by Revolver Magazine.  (See Toxic here)

Most recently, the band released Lukas' mind-blowing track, The Last Astronaut, as performed with The Halo Method on the infamous Shiprocked Cruise.  Just a taste of his outrageous live performances:

The Last Astronaut (official video) from The Halo Method on Vimeo.

Rossi Rockfest '14

September 5-7 2014

An extremely popular annual event, Rockfest is a special weekend set aside for Lukas to personally connect with his fans and friends in a casual environment. The event includes food, music, laughter, campfire stories, thoughtful conversation and Lukas Rossi's own brand of deliciousness.  

Visit The Rossi Shop and reserve your spot now to hangout with Lukas in Nashville TN from Friday evening, September 5 until early afternoon on Sunday, the 7th.  
 - Get to know Lukas on a personal level.
 - Be there when he creates songs on the fly during acoustic performances and jam sessions.
 - Compete with him in games.
 - Learn more about his musical process and his passion for life. 

Rossi Rockfest is typically scheduled on a holiday weekend, but this year will be held the weekend after Labor Day to reduce travel expenses and accommodate those who must work on holidays.

Please Note: This is not an open event and will be restricted to full weekend ticket holders only.

Rossi's Entire Back Catalog on USB!

Own Lukas Rossi's music catalog all on one convenient, MP3 USB Flash Drive!

Play the music on-the-go OR plugged into your computer! 

Hundreds of tracks including the vintage albums and the many live shows that were taped.
(Remember that Lukas never sings a song the same way at live shows, making each version of the songs unique.)

Videos on the drive include behind-the-scenes footage and Ustream chats.

Purchased separately, this content represents over $700 in tracks and video cuts.

Visit The Rossi Shop for more information.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for handling and shipping.  International shipping often takes longer.


      Contents include: 

  • Cleavage & Rise Electric 
  • All 3 Stars Down EPs 
  • The Unreleased Demos 
  • Hollywood & Hollywood Stripped 
  • Story Teller I & II
  • The early solo EPs: Moodswings & Seed
  • Prophecy & 8 Days
  • Christmas Collection 
  • and more....
     PLUS photographs and special event presentations      

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